Driving Park Bridge Rehabilitation Project

Lower Falls overlook. About the Project

The Driving Park Bridge in use today was built in 1988 after the original bridge, over 100 years old at the time, was demolished. The Driving Park Bridge carries pedestrian and vehicle traffic between Lake Avenue and St. Paul Boulevard and crosses the Genesee River just north of the Lower Falls. The kick-off celebration for the Maplewood Rose Festival, the Party on the Bridge, is held annually on the Driving Park Bridge.

The rehabilitation project will keep the bridge in good working order and extend the functional life of the structure. The project includes:

  • Preventative maintenance repairs to the Driving Park Bridge
  • Rehabilitation of span 3 deck
  • Placement of new striping patterns (incorporating a shared bike lane)
  • Localized curb and sidewalk replacement
  • Expansion joint replacements
  • Bearing and drainage repairs

Further description of the work is included in the approved IPP/FDR under the section entitled: Description of Proposed Work.

Download the Approved IPP/FDR  

The Driving Park Bridge is BIN 2211310. This is a Federal-Aid local bridge project that the City of Rochester is administrating: Driving Park Bridge Preventative Maintenance Project (NYSPIN 4755.30).

Aerial view of Maplewood Park Project Schedule

The project is scheduled to be under construction from the spring of 2017 to the fall of 2018.


Please contact Thomas C. Hack, P.E , Sr Structural Engineer by email or by phone at 428-6852.