Bike Rack Request

Use this form to request permanent installation of a bike rack within the City of Rochester.

Note: Requests for temporary bike racks at special events go through the Special Events Office and must be submitted by the event organizer or promoter.

Guidelines for the installation of a bike rack

To be considered, the location must meet the following guidelines:

  1. Must be within the City Right of Way or on City property; 
  2. Must serve a viable business or destination; 
  3. Must allow ample space for snow plow clearances and pedestrian travel (with bikes locked to rack); 
  4. Must not obstruct fire hydrants, and; 
  5. Must be within an existing paved area. 

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Name of destination, business or attraction:

Address or location description:
Please be as detailed as possible. Provide the street address, intersection, landmarks, any information to make sure we get the correct location.

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