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Creating an ongoing dialogue with the community

The City Council Chronicle is an ongoing effort to find new ways of engaging the residents in our community. Click the link below to find the latest edition of the City Council Chronicle.

As you may remember in May 2014, the City Council went live with our Facebook Page. Facebook allows us to communicate easily with people, and folks can send us messages about what is going on with their community group, or ask us questions.

We hope that you will connect with us, and let us know how we can make our outreach efforts even better. Our newsletter will be published quarterly and will highlight some of the major projects that we are focusing on as a Council.  For our introductory letter we wanted to take the time to introduce ourselves, and inform you more about the work we do. We will continue to work together  to be  the  voice of the many communities we have the pleasure to represent, and we want this newsletter to create an ongoing dialogue with the community, please let this be the start of a conversation. Share your comments and concerns; we appreciate the feedback.

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