Alpha Street Group Improvement Project

About the Project

The Alpha Street Group Improvement Project consists of the following streets: 

Street   Limit  
Alpha Street Wilder Terrace to Beach Avenue
Braddock Street     Henley Street to Alpha Street 
Meriden Street  Alpha Street to Wilder Terrace 
Wilder Terrace   Alpha Street to Beach Avenue 

The project as a whole is a little less than a mile in length and is located in Sector 1 of the Northwest Neighborhood of Charlotte.

The project will include the rehabilitation (milling of approximately 1 ½” of pavement and replacement with new asphalt) of the streets listed below. As part of a rehabilitation project, there will likely be small areas of reconstruction that will be necessary to address failure in the pavement structure.

  • Alpha Street (except from Braddock St to Meriden St)
  • Wilder Terrace (Beach Ave to Meriden St)
  • Meriden Street (Alpha St to Wilder Ter)

The project also includes the reconstruction (removal of the existing asphalt and stone layers and the installation of new stone and asphalt layers) of the following streets:

  • Braddock Street (Alpha St – Henley St)
  • Wilder Terrace (Meriden St – Alpha St)
  • Alpha Street (Wilder St to approximate 500 north of Wilder St; Braddock St - Meriden St)

In addition to the proposed roadway improvements, we will provide the following improvements as part of the project:

  • Installation of stone curbs with underdrain system
  • Replacement of hazardous sidewalks
  • Replacement of driveway aprons (apron is located between the curb and sidewalk)
  • Repair/replacement of drainage structures
  • Adjustment of utility covers and grates
  • Removal of carriage walks (concrete pads between the curb and sidewalk) to properties with driveway aprons (**owners may request to have their carriage walks remain**)
  • Street lighting improvements to include replacement of cobra head light fixtures with new LED light fixtures
  • New water main on Braddock St New water main on a section of Wilder Ter near the ball fields
  • Replacement of lead, lead-lined and galvanized water services

City Street Design is working closely with property owners and the Charlotte Community Association (CCA) in preparation of the design plans for construction.

Public Meeting Materials/Documents


Community Participation Opportunities

The first public meeting for this project was held on December 11, 2014; the second was held on February 8, 2017. There will be a third and final public meeting that will be scheduled summer/fall 2017. The meeting agendas, displays and minutes are located above.

Project Timeline

Final Design Plans  Fall 2017
Advertise/Bid  Winter 2017
Street Construction  Spring 2018
Construction Completion    Fall 2018



If you have questions or comments, contact City Project Engineer, Ms. Lisa Reyes at (585)-428-6354 or email her.