2016 Preventive Maintenance - South Goodman Street and South Clinton Avenue

About the Project

This federal and state multi-modal aided project is being administered by the City of Rochester under agreement with the NYSDOT, NYSDOT PIN 4760.49. This project consists of street improvements to two City streets.

  • South Goodman Street (Broadway – East Avenue)
  • South Clinton Avenue (Byron Street - Brighton Town Line) 

The project will provide surface restoration for South Goodman Street and South Clinton Avenue within the City of Rochester. South Goodman Street will be milled and resurfaced from 80’ north of Broadway to East Avenue. South Clinton Avenue will be milled and resurfaced from the south city line to Byron Street. Other improvements will include street sign replacements, new pavement markings and spot curb and sidewalk repairs. Pedestrian facility improvements including curb bump-outs, traffic signs and pedestrian level lighting will be made along South Clinton Avenue from South Goodman Street to the south city line. Striping changes will be made on South Clinton Avenue at the South Goodman Street intersection to provide a dedicated left turn lane for the southbound approach and a dedicated right turn lane for the northbound approach.

The City has secured additional state multi-modal funding for beautifications to South Clinton Avenue (South Goodman Street – Brighton Town Line).  The anticipated beautifications include the installation of curb bump outs, decorative crosswalks and an enhanced street lighting system.  It is anticipate these enhancements will blend with the previously completed South Clinton Avenue enhancements completed in 2012 between Byron Street and South Goodman Street. 


Preliminary Design        Spring 2016
Final Design      Summer 2016
Bid   Fall/Winter 2016
Construction   Spring/Summer 2017 

The City of Rochester has placed a skim coat of temporary asphalt over some of the larger cracks on South Clinton Ave to help maintain the pavement through the winter months. 

Project Team

Project Management: City of Rochester Dept of Environmental Services

Project Design: Stantec

This project is partially funded by USDOT FHA Transportation Improvement Program funds distributed through the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program administered by New York State Department of Transportation.

Project Documents

General Policies & Design Standards 


If you have questions or just need additional information, contact City project manager, Mr. Rich Koss, at (585) 428-6862 or email him.