2017 Preventive Maintenance - Group 5

About the Project

This federal and state multi-modal aided project is being administered by the City of Rochester under agreement with the NYSDOT, NYSDOT PIN 4760.44. This project consists of street improvements to three City streets.

  • Arnett Boulevard (Thurston Road - Genesee Street)
  • Genesee Park Boulevard (Brooks Avenue - Arnett Boulevard)
  • Webster Avenue (Garson Avenue - Bay Street)

The scope of the work consists of milling and resurfacing three city streets, including repair of the existing pavement base, adjustment of water valve and sewer castings, curb bumpouts at three intersection on Arnett Blvd, resetting or installing new granite curbs as needed, replacement of hazardous sidewalks, replacement of accessible ramps to meet ADA requirements, installation of truncated domes at the accessible ramps, installation of pavement markings, replacement of traffic loops, and topsoil & seeding of lawn areas disturbed by construction. 


Preliminary Design        Spring 2015 
Final Design      Summer/Fall 2016 
Bid   Winter 2016
Construction   Summer 2017 thru Summer 2018


Project Team

Project Management: City of Rochester Dept of Environmental Services
Project Design: C&S Companies
This project is partially funded by federal Transportation
Improvement Program funds distributed through the regional transportation improvement program and administered by New York State Department of Transportation.


Project Documents


General Policies & Design Standards 


If you have questions or just need additional information, contact City project manager, Ms. Lisa Reyes at (585)428-6354 or email her.