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Educational Opportunities in Rochester

The education of students in kindergarten through grade 12 living in the city of Rochester is the primary responsibility of the Rochester City School District (RCSD), which is governed by the Board of Education. The City of Rochester government provides funding to the RCSD, but has no oversight of the school district. 

Despite this lack of direct oversight, Mayor Lovely A. Warren is committed to ensuring all children living in the city have access to a quality education. This Educational Resource page is intended to help parents learn more about educational opportunities in Rochester to find the best school for their child or children.

Rochester City School District

Rochester city students are exposed to a liberal arts education early on – attaining basic skills in math, reading, writing, spelling, geography, music, science, and physical education among other important subjects. School profiles can be found on the RCSD website.

Registration for children entering the Rochester City School District can be accomplished at the district’s Office of Student Placement and Equity, located at 131 W. Broad Street. Registration forms can be found on the RCSD website.

The Rochester City School District (RCSD) is split into Northeast, Northwest, and South zones. Make sure you know where your child's Home School is by checking the directory on the RCSD website.

If you have further questions, the Office of Student Equity and Placement can be reached at (585) 262-8241.

Pre-Kindergarten (Universal Pre-K)

Pre-K education has been credited with substantial gains in learning and development in children. Children that went through Pre-K education are less likely to be held back a grade and are more likely to land a job and make money in the future.

Perhaps you would like to enroll your child in Pre-K but aren’t sure where to start or if they are eligible. The RCSD website has what you need.     

Charter Schools

Charter schools are another option for teaching Rochester’s youth. Charters are publicly funded, independent schools. These public schools are authorized by the State University of New York or the New York State Education Department’s Board of Regents.

Information for individual Charter schools can be found below.

Discovery Charter School will prepare students to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world, providing elementary school children real skills for the real world through an interdisciplinary program that integrates literacy, language arts, mathematics, social studies, visual arts and science.

    Discovery Charter School
    133 Hoover Drive
    Rochester, NY 14615
    (585) 342-4032

Eugenio Maria de Hostos Charter School's mission is to produce students who meet or exceed the New York State Standards in Language Arts, Math, and Social Studies. Our students will be able to communicate in both English & Spanish. Staff and students will view themselves as self-reflective and continuous learners. Parents will view themselves as partners in their child’s education.

    Eugenio Maria de Hostos Charter School

    (Grades K-3)
    1069 Joseph Ave.
    Rochester, NY 14621
    (585) 697-7115

    (Grades 4-8)
    938 Clifford Avenue
    Rochester, NY 14621
    (585) 544-6170

Genesee Community Charter School provides a rich educational experience that values intellectual rigor, respect for diversity, and community responsibility. Our local history-based and globally-connected program immerses our diverse population of children in investigation and discovery, extensively using the cultural and natural resources of our community. We nurture children's natural abilities to be reflective questioners, articulate communicators, critical thinkers, and skilled problem solvers, enabling them to reach exemplary standards.

Genesee Community Charter School
657 East Ave.
Rochester, NY
(585) 697-1960

PUC Achieve Charter School's mission is to develop and manage high quality charter schools in densely populated urban communities with overcrowded and low achieving schools. We create school programs and cultures that result in college graduation for all students. We focus on developing secondary schools partnered with strong feeder elementary programs. We uplift and revitalize communities through the development of educational and other supportive partnerships.

    PUC Achieve Charter School
    14 Mark Street
    Rochester, NY 14605
    (585) 471-6219

Renaissance Academy Charter School of the Arts in Rochester's mission is to provide children an enriched and rigorous educational experience through the infusion of the humanities and arts rooted in a culture of high academic standards leading to success in college and careers.

    Renaissance Academy Charter School of the Arts
    299 Kirk Rd.
    Rochester, NY 14612
    (585) 225-4200

Rochester Academy Charter School's mission is to provide students with rigorous, challenging academics through hands-on, meaningful learning opportunities that will provide them with the skills necessary to be successful academically, socially, and emotionally.

    Rochester Academy Charter School

    (Middle School 7-8)
    841 Genesee Street
    Rochester, NY 14611
    (585) 235-4141

    (High School 9-12)
    901 Portland Ave.
    Rochester, NY 14621
    (585) 467-9250

Rochester Career Mentoring Charter School (CMCS) is a model secondary school offering a community of diverse learners in the City of Rochester a small, personalized 9th through 12th grade high school that engages each student in career exploration, college preparation, and rigorous academic standards. Our charter school will graduate every student with a Regents diploma and the academic and technical skills needed for today’s workforce and/or entrance into college.

    Rochester Career Mentoring Charter School
    30 Hart Street, 3rd Floor
    Rochester, NY 14605
    (585) 232-1045

Rochester Prep's mission is to prepare all students to enter and succeed in college through effort, achievement, and the content of their character.

    Rochester Prep 

    Rochester Preparatory Elementary School (K-5)
    899 Jay Street
    Rochester, NY 14611
    (585) 235-0008

    Rochester Preparatory Charter School (Elementary and Middle) – West Campus
    1020 Maple Street
    Rochester, NY 14611
    (585) 368-5090

 Rochester Prep Charter High School
    175 Martin Street
    Rochester, NY 14605
    (585) 368-5111

 Rochester Preparatory Charter School – Brooks Campus
    630 Brooks Ave.
    Rochester, NY 14619
    (585) 436-8629

University Preparatory Charter School for Young Men's mission is to establish a culture that celebrates diversity and where all boys thrive academically and holistically. University Prep develops this culture through small classes, student empowerment, personalized attention from teachers and school staff, and a consistent focus on successful instructional outcomes. University Prep provides opportunities and experiences that balance the academic, social, physical, and creative development of young men. Consistent emphasis is placed on preparation for life after high school, a 100% graduation rate and all students being college or work place ready.

    University Preparatory Charter School for Young Men (Grades 7-12)
    1290 Lake Avenue
    Rochester, NY 14613
    (585) 730-5135

Urban Choice Charter School's mission is to provide Rochester students with a safe, supportive, and intellectually challenging educational environment. The central philosophy is that strong student-teacher relationships are essential to student motivation, engagement, and achievement. This philosophy, in combination with authentic efforts at family involvement, and the effective teaching of a rich, rigorous, and engaging curriculum, will enable students to build a strong foundation for college and career readiness, exceed state achievement standards and defy the demographic destiny of poverty.

    Urban Choice Charter School
    545 Humboldt Street
    Rochester, NY 14610
    (585) 288-5702

Vertus Charter School prepares leaders of character for the community and the workplace through career preparation, personalized curriculum, and strong relationships.

    Vertus Charter School
    2 Austin Street
    Rochester, NY 14606
    (585) 747-8911

Young Women's College Prep Charter School of Rochester (YWCP) offers young women from the city of Rochester the opportunity to learn in a single-gender environment, free from stereotypes, where a strong focus is placed on preparation for college enrollment and graduation. High expectations and evidence of concrete results define the student's academic experience. Educators commit to, and thrive upon, sharing effective practices within and beyond the school building. YWCP partners with families and instills in each student a sense of community, responsibility and ethics. We support students in their endeavors to achieve excellence in and out of the classroom, helping them to develop the strong voices they will need to be leaders.

    Young Women’s College Prep Charter School of Rochester
    311 Flower City Park
    Rochester, NY 14615
    (585) 254-2080


The Rochester City School District supports the decision by some parents to home school their children. For more information on homeschooling, including individualized homeschooling plans and whether homeschooling is the best option for you, visit this page on the RCSD site. 

Catholic Schools 

For families of the Catholic faith, Catholic school is an option. In the Monroe County region of the Diocese of Rochester there are 10 public Catholic schools with most of them servicing Pre-K through 6th grade. The Diocese also runs 6 private Catholic schools in Rochester. You do not have to be Catholic to attend. 

For more information regarding registration and a comprehensive list of schools, visit this page.  

Transferring into a City School 

A request form must be filled out in order to initiate a transfer. Completion of the transfer request form does not guarantee a transfer will occur. Students who are suspended or currently failing academically may not be eligible for transfer. Transfers are granted based on space availability. Information on the transferring process, by individual zone, can be found below. 

Northeast Zone

Northwest Zone

South Zone   

Preparing for College

High school students should begin thinking about attending college during or after their sophomore year. The first step should be taking the SAT or ACT. 

Many two-year and four-year colleges and universities require prospective students to take the SAT, but not all require it. It costs $52.50 to take the SAT, but fee reductions and waivers are available and must be received through a school counselor. Further info about the SAT can be found on the College Board website

The ACT costs $38.00 or $54.50 if you choose to include a writing section on your test. Visit the ACT website in order to learn about fee waiver availability.  

The next step should be thinking about financial aid and scholarships.  

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Federal (FAFSA) & state financial aid (TAP), and scholarships are a great way to deal with the rising costs of tuition and they can alleviate the financial strain of loans and tuition payments. 

There are no eligibility requirements to complete a FAFSA, so don't believe the myths! Eligibility for TAP can be found on their website

It is best to apply for financial aid as soon as possible. 

Many scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic achievement and SAT/ACT scores. These are known as merit scholarships. But there are also grants and scholarships awarded on the basis of economic need.