Walkability Audit

Walkable, bike-able neighborhoods are critical to sustaining a healthy, vibrant city. A good way to measure a neighborhood’s walkability is to conduct an audit, or an assessment of pedestrian conditions in the community. On April 24, 2015, a walkability audit was held in the Merchants-Culver neighborhood. The audit was facilitated by nationally-renowned walkable communities expert Mark Fenton, with participation from a wide variety of neighborhood leaders, public agencies, and elected officials. The audit began with a presentation by Mr. Fenton, and was followed by a walking tour of the surrounding neighborhood. Participants then reconvened to discuss their observations and develop a list of potential actions (both near-term and long-term) that can be taken to enhance walkability and bike-ability. Mr. Fenton also shared a number of Resources that participants may find helpful.


Audit Materials

The Merchants-Culver neighborhood was one of ten communities from across the nine-county Genesee-Finger Lakes Region selected to be part of the Genesee Transportation Council’s Regional Walkability Improvement Program. Findings of these walkability audits will be compiled in a final report to GTC. The City of Rochester will ultimately be responsible for implementation of any recommendations from the Merchants-Culver walkability audit.



For more information, please contact Erik Frisch, Transportation Specialist, via email.