Mayor's Summer Reading Challenge Form


Dear Students,

Just because school is out doesn’t mean we should stop learning…and summer is an excellent time to start a new
adventure in reading. To encourage you to continue reading during the summer, I’m asking you to take the
Mayor’s Summer Reading Challenge.

I’m challenging all students to read 10 books this summer. When you have completed the challenge, you will
receive an official Mayoral Excellence in Reading Certificate. Just fill out this form by August 31, 2015.
Along with your certificate, I will send you a coupon for a free book from your nearest City library.

Be sure to visit your local public library for a limitless supply of books. Whether you like chapter books, novels,
biographies or even graphic novels, the possibilities are endless. Not sure where to start? Ask a librarian to
suggest a book that will keep you turning the pages all summer long!

                                Thank you and happy reading!

                    Mayor's signature blue 

                             Mayor Lovely A. Warren

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