Nature at the Market


 The City of Rochester Public Market strives to be as green as possible. This quest includes using this very popular destination as a place to educate and inspire the community on important environmental issues. The Nature @ the Market program is a component of our non-profit Special Guests program that brings the region's nonprofit organizations to the Market on busy Saturdays.   

Here's just a small sampling of the things Market-goers have learned from our Nature @ the Market guest organizations: 

Bats are shy, gentle, and intelligent...they are among the slowest reproducing animals on earth. Most bat species have only one live young per year. The average life-span of a bat is 25 to 40 years. (This fact was part of BAT EDUCATION DAY at the Market at our Halloween events in 2015 and 2016--to dispel myths and misinformation about these beneficial creatures!)

The  Genesee River  drops 225 feet just within the city limits--and that reintroduced sturgeon and salmon can be found in the Genesee within the city limits too! Sturgeon can live a century and grow up to seven feet in length!  

Free energy efficiency audits are available for your home through several community organizations.

75% of people who blind taste-tested  City of Rochester tap water and bottled water said the tap water tasted better (The City's water was voted best-tasting in New York State in 2013) 

Volunteers at the nearby Braddock Bay raptor migration "hot spot"  counted over 140,000 hawks during a recent spring migration. And, an owl is nesting on a building right in the Public Market District!

The Market (and several other locations around the City and County) have electric vehicle charging stations.   

Trains carrying more and more crude oil drilled in North Dakota are passing through the City--and right past the Market--on their way to terminals in Albany.

New York State is home to rattlesnakes—yes, rattlesnakes. Many (of the few) highly endangered Massassauga rattlers live just west of Rochester in Genesee County’s Bergen Swamp (one of these surprisingly sociable critters was on hand at the Market—in a case!—and wowed many a market-goer!)  

Since its inception in 2014, Nature @ the Market guest organizations have included:

The Nature Conservancy-Central and Western New York Chapter 
The Genesee Land Trust 
Sierra Club Rochester Regional Group 
Braddock Bay Raptor Research Center 
Cornell Cooperative Extension 
Pathstone Energy Efficiency Program 
Federation of Monroe County Environmentalists 
Genesee Community Charter School
Rochester City School District School 58 World of Inquiry
H2O Hero! (Water Education Collaborative at RMSC) 
Citizens Climate Lobby  
Mothers Out Front 
Genesee Valley Audubon Society
Genesee Region Clean Communities
Center for Environmental Initiatives
Earthworks Institute
Bergen Swamp Preservation Society
Adirondack Mountain Club-Genesee Valley Chapter 
Lots of Food Permaculture 
Genesee Transportation Council
Seneca Park Zoo
Rochester Museum and Science Center
The Lost Bird Project 
Rochester Youth Climate Leaders
Finger Lakes Land Trust
Stormwater Coalition of Monroe County
Genesee Country Village/Museum and Nature Center 
Braddock Bay Raptor Research Center 

Getting Involved

If your organization is interested in participating in Nature @ the Market, contact Evan Lowenstein at or 585-428-7282.

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