Solarize the Flower City Campaign

About Solarize

Solarize campaigns are locally-organized community outreach efforts aimed at getting a critical mass of area homes and businesses to install solar. Solarize campaigns bring together widespread community outreach and education, competitive installer selection, and a limited-time offer to bring more customers to solar and provide significant cost savings.

Governor Cuomo announced the state-wide deployment of the program earlier this year, with Rochester’s Solarize campaign highlighted alongside state leaders. Known formally as "Solarize the Flower City 2016,” the campaign is organized and run by the City’s partner, ROCSPOT—an organization devoted to the implementation of solar technology to create jobs and reduce poverty in Rochester. ROCSPOT also partnered with NeighborWorks Rochester. This effort is one of many implementations of the initiatives outlined in the City’s Energy Master Plan

Solarize the Flower City 2016 offers discounted solar installations for the duration of the campaign, which launched in March 2016 and concludes in September 2016. The goals for the campaign are to have 250 new installations under contract by the end of the program with 2,450 kW of solar power installed.

For more information about Solarize the Flower City 2016 or to sign up for a free assessment, visit the ROCSPOT web page. 

Get Involved

Come to a free Solar Assembly to learn about discounted solar for all quadrants in the city. Meet the ROCSPOT team, the selected solar installers, and your neighbors who are loving their installations. Come learn about the technology and its affordability, and the money you will save every month. The Solar Assembly will have a short presentation followed by Q&A.

Upcoming Solar Assemblies

Date/Time  Location/Address 
May 14, 2016 2 - 3 pm      Central Library
Kate Gleason Auditorium
115 South Ave Rochester,  NY
June 4, 2016 8 am - 1 pm City of Rochester Public Market
280 Union Street N Rochester, NY
June 11, 2016 2 - 3 pm Central Library
Kate Gleason Auditorium

115 South Ave Rochester,  NY 

Contact information

ROCSPOT: email Dr. Susan Spencer  

Solarize the Flower City: email Solarize