Rochester's Tech Hire Initiative

The White House launched the Tech Hire Initiative in 2015 and Rochester was one of 20 cities selected to develop new tools and training models which would connect Americans to well-paying technology jobs. As part of this initiative, The City of Rochester has committed to take action to expand local access to in-demand information and computer related jobs.  

What is the Federal Tech Hire Program? 

  • This is  initiative by the Federal Government to  reduce the skills gap in information technology and empowering Americans with the skills they need to fill these jobs through fast track training.
  • Not enough Individuals are being educated in traditional institutions in the technology fields to fill this demand.
  • It is an investment to train potential workers and connect them to employers.
  • Twenty additional U.S. communities were selected through an application process. They are: Rochester, Louisville ,Los Angeles, Nashville, Chattanooga, NYC, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Portland Ore, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, Kansas, Detroit, San Antonio, Memphis, San Francisco, Kearny Nebraska, Buffalo County Nebraska, Albuquerque, Colorado and Delaware.

How is the Federal Government supporting this initiative? 

  • It is providing connections to national organizations
  • Sharing job and skills information, job-matching tools and other resources to help support the growth, adoption, and creation of promising practices across the United States
  • Bringing communities together
  • Selected Communities are sharing information on successful programs – biweekly

How is it Funded 

  • Corporations have promised commitment for reduced rates in certifications
  • Provided services for job matching tools
  • Free or reduced rate for training
  • More Opportunities for Grant Funding

Why Did the City Apply? 

  • There are an estimated 500 openings in tech jobs in the Rochester area each year
  • The Middle-skilled occupations – two- year degrees
  • Access to leading expertise on all aspects of the IT jobs model
  • Information Technology jobs supply/demand data, accelerated training, assessment and matching
  • Connection to national funds to match local efforts
  • Turnkey models to use federal funds to support local information technology jobs initiative
  • Become part of a cutting edge multi-city learning network 
  • Develop and adopt leading practices to expand IT employment
  • Positions Rochester for future competitive grant funding through this program

Our Goal? 

  • Expand Hiring and internships for IT jobs in the Finger Lakes Region
  • Coding, web development, security, networking from non-traditional training sources
  • Diversify participants in the accelerated training pipeline
  • Solicit funding
  • Public, private and  philanthropic support


  • Established connection with Federal Program
  • Opportunities at Work
  • Collaborating with Colleges
  • MCC is developing a survey to be completed by local businesses
  • Established Connections with local corporatations and businesses
    • Rochester Business Alliance, Wegmans, Earthlink, Frontier
  • Initiated connections with INDUSTRY LEADERS in Technology
    • LinkedIn 
    • Glassdoor 
    • Capital One
    • Launch Code

Next Steps? 

  • Working with colleges
  • Completion of Survey – Distributed at end of August
  • Determine need and type of PROGRAMS to offer 
    • Government
    • Colleges
    • CIOs 
    • Education
    • General Community
  • Commitment from Organizations to hire individuals
  • Determine connections to existing City Programs


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