Environmental Cleanup of 937-941 Genesee St


The City of Rochester completed the environmental cleanup of a city-owned property located at 937-941 Genesee Street. The project was being completed as part of the City of Rochester’s Brownfield Cleanup Grant from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). The Site consists of one parcel of vacant land approximately 0.25 acres and is located in the City’s Brooks Landing Urban Renewal District which is also adjacent to the City’s Southwest Neighborhood Service Center.

Site Map

 937-941 Genesee St Site Map


The Site was occupied by a former auto repair facility from 1912 to 1941, and by a former dry cleaner and Laundromat from 1946 until 2009 when the building was demolished after a fire.  The City obtained the property through tax foreclosure in October 2012.  Recent private investments in the Brooks Landing area make the Site a candidate for future redevelopment after completion of the cleanup project. 

Environmental Cleanup

Several environmental investigations were conducted from 2002 to 2012 in order to evaluate Site conditions and to strategize the cleanup approach to better position the site for future redevelopment. Those investigations identified soil and groundwater impacted with petroleum-related contamination at levels in excess of applicable regulatory cleanup standards and guidance values.

The Site was assigned Spill File No. 1206397 in 2012 by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) based on the petroleum impacts found at the site. The City entered into a Stipulation Agreement with NYSDEC for cleanup at the Site, and NYSDEC provided oversight of the project. An Analysis of Brownfield Cleanup Alternatives (ABCA) was completed in November, 2015 by the City, which compared the feasibility of various remedial strategies for Site cleanup.  

The remediation program took place between June 6 and October 6, 2016 which included the demolition of building remnants, decommissioning of groundwater monitoring wells, excavation, removal, and off-site disposal of approximately 845 tons of impacted soil in addition to the placement of both an oxygen-release compound and imported backfill materials (that were subsequently compacted). After backfilling the remedial excavation to existing grade, two replacement groundwater monitoring wells were installed that were subsequently sampled.

During the remedial excavations, two “orphan” abandoned underground storage tanks (USTs) were discovered: a 500-gallon apparent Stoddard solvent tank, and a 500-gallon apparent gasoline or diesel fuel storage tank. The tanks and associated impacted soil were removed and disposed of off-site in accordance with State and federal regulations; tank removal reports are included as part of the Remedial Construction/Closure Report, an electronic copy of which can be downloaded below.

The results of post-excavation groundwater sampling performed in October, 2016 did not indicate contaminant presence in groundwater at levels above NYSDEC groundwater standards. In 2017, the City was issued a “No Further Action” letter from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Site was determined to be cleaned up to commercial and mixed use redevelopment.  

Environmental Cleanup

 More detailed information regarding the City’s Brownfield cleanup efforts at this site can be found in the following list of documents:

If you have additional questions about the project please contact the City’s project manager:

Alexandra L. Zobel, Assistant Environmental Technician
Phone: 585-428-7094
Email:  Alexandra.Zobel@cityofrochester.gov