Residential Resurfacing Program 2016 Phase 2

Project Description

The City of Rochester's annual milling and resurfacing program addresses streets that are in need of attention. This program extends the life of the street by replacing the pavement's surface.

Road construction crewStreets scheduled for milling and resurfacing will include repairing the existing pavement base, resetting or installing new granite or medina stone to repair existing curbs along with spot sidewalk replacement, installation of truncated domes at the handicap ramps, and the installation of pavement markings. Additional adjustments may be made to manhole covers, water valves, gas values and storm sewer catch basins. Adjusting will be made as needed to adjacent driveways aprons to meet new street pavement grades.

Additional milling and resurfacing work will be done in the City as part of other contracts.

Project Timeline

This project is substantially complete.  

Streets to be Milled and Resurfaced: 

Street Limits
Aikenhead Al   Brotsch Pl to Lays Al  
Brotsch Pl   Woodward St to Ontario St 
Conkey Ave   Clifford Ave to Scantom St 
Cork St  St Bridget's Dr to South End  
Lays Al  Woodward St to Ontario St  
Mark St  Hudson Ave to North St  
Martin St   Gorham St to Upper Falls Blvd  
Merrimac St  Edward St to Hudson Ave  
Messina St  Trinidad St to North End 
Newell Al  Brotsch Pl to Lays Al  
Niagara St  Bay St to Central Pk
Oregon St  Central Ave to Harrison St 
Ormond St   Central Ave to Nassau St 
Weld St  North St to N Union St 
Woodward St  North St to N Union St  

Lyndhurst Street from N Union St to North Street was added in 2019.


Call the City's project manager, Mr. Jason Nabewaniec, at (585) 428-8858, or email him.