Broad Street Bridge Preventive Maintenance Project

About the Project

The City of Rochester is performing preventive maintenance on the Broad Street Bridge over the Genesee River to extend the life of the bridge.

The Project will include:

  • Replacement of the pavement surface
  • Deck repairs
  • New curbs
  • New Sidewalks
  • Buffered bike lanes
  • Off peak parking
  • Extension of the Heritage Trail 
  • Pedestrian amenities
  • Landscaping
  • Scenic overlooks
  • Pedestrian refuge
  • Historic lighting
  • Historic themed open railing

Construction Schedule

The project will begin in March of 2016 with the substantial completion in the winter of 2017. Two way traffic will be maintained during the construction. 


If you have questions about the project, please contact the City's project manager, Mr. John Standinger, at (585) 428-7494 or email him.