Main Street Streetscape and Wayfinding Project

Project Background

 Currently, Center City’s Main Street core is experiencing a surge of investment with a number of high profile redevelopment efforts underway. These projects together will bring considerable new retail opportunities to Center City, along with new residents, workers, dozens of new hotel rooms, and scores of new visitors.  Concurrently, the RTS Transit Center has recently opened two blocks north of Main Street. The Transit Center has centralized transit transfer functions thereby eliminating all of the bus stops which line Main Street between the river and Liberty Pole Plaza.  It has been nearly 30 years since the corridor was reconstructed and its age is beginning to show. The functional and aesthetic quality of Main Street is of paramount importance to our city and region’s economic development and quality of life.  These factors and this project provide an ideal opportunity to rethink the streetscape and how to maximize its contribution to the ongoing revitalization of Center City.

The project is a City-administered federal and state aid project through the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) program.

Project Description

This project seeks to provide a re-imagined Main Street to compliment the surge of public and private development taking place in the Center City and to provide the physical infrastructure, amenities and aesthetic presence reflective of the region’s cultural and economic heart. The project consists of three distinct but vitally integrated components, including:

Main Street Streetscape

The new streetscape shall be designed to improve the conditions for pedestrians, enhance the aesthetic nature of the corridor, support economic development, and encourage multi-modal transportation. The design will consider pedestrian pavement, trees, lighting, green infrastructure, accessibility, multi-modal transportation and bicycle parking, vehicular parking, and amenities.

Liberty Pole Plaza

The plaza pavement shall be updated to reflect and compliment the new Main Street treatments. Lighting (pedestrian level and accent) shall be considered to activate the space during evening hours and to maximize safety.

Pedestrian Wayfinding

A new system of pedestrian wayfinding signage, as recommended in the 2012 Center City Pedestrian Circulation & Wayfinding Study, shall be installed throughout the extended corridor (Canal Street to Alexander Street). These signs will provide clear and direct orientation and connections, allowing visitors to effortlessly navigate Center City.

Project Schedule

Design Completion: Fall 2016
Construction Start: Spring 2017
Construction Completion: Fall 2017 

Project Documents





If you have questions or comments concerning the project, contact the City’s project manager, Jeffery J. Mroczek, R.L.A., Landscape Architect Department of Environmental Services - Development Division, at (585) 428-7124 or email him