Fire Safety and Fire Prevention

The Rochester Fire Department takes pride in its proven ability to respond to emergencies as they occur in our community. However, we'd all prefer that these emergencies didn't happen. The Departments Fire Safety Division is in charge of our attempts to prevent emergencies and increase safety. This department includes Community Risk Reduction, Code Enforcement, and Emergency Management Planning. This is the place for all your questions about fire safety..

Community Risk Reduction: This is the place for information regarding the presentations and presence of firefighters at community events and classrooms. If you want to know what we offer or you want to set up an interaction, this is the place for you.

Fire Department Permits: To keep the community safe, the fire Department requires permits for various activities in the City of Rochester. This Makes sure everyone is abiding by the codes as dictated both nationally and by state. This page will give you information about all Fire Department permits and how to get them.

Fire Safety Tips: Here you will find a variety of tips on fire safety for various situations you may come across. From understanding 911 and Carbon Monoxide Detectors to how to work Fire Extinguishers. You will find great information and helpful tips and ideas for everyone.

Food Trucks: The Rochester Fire Department loves food trucks. However, they do come with their own set of dangers. For this reason, the Department has classes and permits for food truck owners and operators so that we can keep them and their patrons safe.This link will give you information about food truck safety for owners and operators.

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