Fire Department Permits & Licenses

Prevention Permits

Fire Safety codes help protect the community by ensuring that buildings are safe for the purposes in which they are being used. Where there are increased risks,  whether because of materials, equipment being used or stored, or the activities taking place, fire prevention permits are required to ensure that safety standards are continuously maintained.

The fee structure for these permits can be viewed by clicking here.

There are also newer permits that apply to certain types of businesses:

Commercial Cooking

Cooking and kitchen-related fire make up nearly 60% of fires in the City of Rochester each year. Establishments with commercial cooking systems bring greater risk to employees, customers, and the community. In 2013, the annual commercial oven permit was expanded to include commercial cooking systems at $70 per permit. This is not considered an additional permit for those who currently hold commercial oven permits.

Places of Assembly

New York State requires operating permits for all buildings with places of assembly that have an approved occupancy limit of 100 or mote people. Building owners will be required to pass annual inspections and hold a Place of Assembly permit, which will cost $25 for an occupancy limit of 100-249, and $50 for an occupancy limit of 250 and above. Building owners who already hold other City licenses for the building will not be charged for this permit. However, please be advised that this permit will be required for tenants to hold and maintain entertainment, amusement, and other licenses. For new permits or questions, contact the Fire Safety Division at (585) 428-3693.

Alarm Permits

Who is required to have an alarm permit?

Residents and businesses located in the City of Rochester, with a functioning alarm system, must have an alarm permit. View the applicable section of the City Code

New Applications

New alarm applications at $20. Make checks payable to the 'City of Rochester'. Download an alarm application  and mail  or bring to:  City Clerk's Office, 30 Church St. Room 100A, Rochester, NY 14614.


Bills for renewals are mailed from the City Clerk's Office in March and are due by April 30th of each year. This convenient  site allows you to pay tax bills, water bills, parking tickets, or alarm permit renewals online. Payment can also be mailed to: City Hall, Room 100A, 30 Church Street, Rochester, NY 14614.

City Businesses

Please be aware that Section 68-5 of the City Code states: "No license or permit shall be issued for a business unless all renewal fees for any alarm system owned, used, leased, or opertaed by the business has been satisfied".


For additional information, please call the City Clerk's Office at (585) 428-6617 during regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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