Fire Safety Tips 2

The Rochester Fire Department is dedicated to reducing emergencies as much as possible, and fire safety and prevention is the best way to achieve this goal. This page gives you links to detailed tips and guidelines, categorized by the types of questions you might have and the help you may need, to keep your home and family safe. 

To receive additional safety information related to other topics. Contact the Fire Department's Community Risk Reduction Unit at (585) 428- 1362. We also have various Adobe PDF pamphlets available, including those on fire extinguishers and firefighters to answer questions.

Fire extinguishers  (PDF)

Carbon Monoxide Detectors (PDF)

Exit Drills in the Home (EDITH) (PDF)

Extinguishing Grease Fires (PDF)

House Numbering and its Importance (PDF)

Summer Safety (PDF)

Outdoor Fires (PDF)

Fire Prevention for Boat Owners (PDF)

911 and Its Use (PDF)

Kitchen area (PDF)

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