Dewey / Driving Park Intersection Realignment Project

Project Background

The existing intersection is offset, resulting in the need for two signalized intersections to control traffic. The offset configuration results in congestion delays and accidents. The intersection realignment will reduce traffic congestion and improve highway safety.

This project is a recommendation of the Community-Based Vision Plan for the Dewey Avenue Corridor/Maplewood Neighborhood, completed in January 2008 for the Maplewood Neighborhood Association. The project involves the realignment of the offset intersection along Dewey Avenue at Driving Park Avenue. 


The realignment of this offset intersection will reduce congestion and improve highway safety while also improving the bicycle/pedestrian environment and lowering vehicular emissions due to idling.

The project is a City-administered federal and state aided project through the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) program.

Project Description

The project includes the rehabilitation or reconstruction of pavement and realignment of the Dewey Avenue and Driving Park Avenue intersection.
The project will also include the installation of new:

Project Schedule

Design Completion: Winter 2016/2017
Bid & Award: Winter/Spring 2017
Construction Start: Spring/Summer 2017
Construction Completion: Fall 2018

Project Documents

Construction Related Documents

Areaway Documents

 Planning and Design Related Documents

Public Outreach

Public information meetings were held on May 19, 2014; June 23, 2014; and July 20, 2015. The minutes for each meeting are below

Project Team

The project was designed by Bergmann Associates, P.C.  



If you have questions or comments concerning the project, email the City’s project manager, Al Giglio, P.E., Managing Engineer of Street Design, Department of Environmental Services – Street Design Division.