News Release - Mayor Warren Announces City’s Commitment to 100 Percent Clean Energy

City of Rochester

News Release

(Wednesday, August 16, 2017) – Mayor Lovely A. Warren made two important announcements today that further the City’s efforts to protect the environment and combat climate change. The City of Rochester has endorsed the Sierra Club’s “Mayors for 100 Percent Clean Energy” vision and joins municipalities across the country in the goal of transitioning to 100 percent clean energy.

Mayor Warren also announced today that the City intends to pursue options for a Community Choice Aggregation program in the city as an energy procurement method for residents and small commercial entities in Rochester.

“As the Trump Administration continues to ignore the warnings of climate change, it has become abundantly clear: Cities must lead the way to protect and preserve our environment for the next generation,” Mayor Lovely Warren said. “The Sierra Club vision for 100 percent Clean Energy shows where we need to be as a nation to address climate change, and Community Choice Aggregation can put us on the path to dramatically increase the amount of renewable energy utilized in our city, while creating jobs, building healthier neighborhoods, and teaching our children about our environment and why we should protect it.”

Mayors across the United States, from cities small and large, have signed on to support clean energy in their communities. Transitioning to 100 percent clean, renewable energy sources like wind and solar will protect kids and families from pollution, create new jobs and economic opportunities, and ensure that all people have the access to affordable energy solutions.

“We applaud Mayor Warren for signing Sierra Club's 100% Clean Energy Endorsement. She now stands with 141 other Mayors from across the country who are leaders in climate change action,” said Peter Debes of the Sierra Club Rochester Regional Group. “That 100 percent renewable energy vision for Rochester now needs to be made a reality with all of the determination, resources, and skill of a full WWII mobilization. That's what the climate crisis demands.”

Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) allows cities to pool the purchasing power of their residents to secure clean, alternative sources of energy that saves our citizens money on their utility bills and creates a cleaner environment for future generations. CCA shifts the control of selecting the default supplier of electricity from the state to the community, while leaving the role of the local utility unchanged. Leveraging the bulk purchasing power of the community, CCA communities benefit from reduced electricity rates, reduced price volatility, and increased local renewable energy development and clean energy jobs. Currently, more than five million customers nationwide are served by Community Choice Aggregation programs in seven states: New York, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.

“The Rochester People's Climate Coalition is pleased that Mayor Warren is advancing community choice aggregation,” said Sue Hughes-Smith of the Rochester People’s Climate Coalition. “It can be used to achieve low-cost renewable energy for residents and small businesses and can be a powerful tool for developing local solar generation and increased energy efficiency. Community Choice Aggregation makes environmental and economic sense. The Rochester People's Climate Coalition will continue to work for the most robust program possible to achieve our renewable energy goals.”

Community Choice Aggregation was authorized in New York State by the Public Service Commission (PSC) in April, 2016. Prior to this state-wide authorization, the PSC approved a CCA pilot, Sustainable Westchester, in February 2015, which is still operating today. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has included implementing CCA as a “High Impact Action” that municipalities can take as part of their Clean Energy Communities program.

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