Bicycle Enhancement Program


This project represents a major turning point in the City of Rochester’s aggressive effort toward becoming a Bicycle Friendly Community. The Rochester Bicycle Master Plan, which was completed in January 2011, evaluated and prioritized arterial and collector streets in the city for restriping to accommodate bike lanes. Most of the streets identified in the Plan will be adjusted for bike lanes through the City’s annual street maintenance program. However, many streets are not scheduled for maintenance for the foreseeable future.  

These streets are considered the top candidates for on-street bicycle facility installation through the Rochester Bicycle Enhancement Program (link to map below).  

Candidate Streets Map (pdf) 

The project scope includes installation of bicycle lane markings (i.e., exclusive bicycle lanes and shared use lanes) and associated signage on approximately 15 centerline miles of arterial and collector streets. Demonstrations of innovative treatments including colored bicycle lanes and bicycle boxes (at locations to be identified in Design) are also included. Specific street segments to be considered for bicycle enhancement though this project include, but are not limited to, South Goodman Street (Broadway – Elmwood Ave), Blossom Road (University Ave – City Line), Dewey Avenue (Bloss St – Driving Park Ave), and North Clinton Avenue (Clifford Ave – Norton St).  

The selected consultant will be expected to: 

  • Evaluate existing lane striping and parking regulations to determine if street segments are viable for re-striping to accommodate exclusive bicycle lanes or shared-use lane markings (sharrows),  
  • Design for incorporating new signage to accommodate new pavement marking plans,  
  • Design for retrofitting existing traffic signal arms or span wires along with signal head relocation to accommodate new pavement marking plan,   
  • Complete a Right of Way Clearance Certificate to be submitted with the plans, specifications, and estimate package, and  
  • Prepare plans and specifications for bids utilizing NYSDOT pay items. The City will provide a generic contract proposal book (in MS Word format) for the preparation of the final proposal book.  

Download the Documents


If you have questions or just need more information, contact City project manager, Mr. Erik Frisch, at (585) 428-6709 or email him.