Center City 3D Model Project

What is the Three Dimensional (3D) Model?

The city and its consultant, Bergmann Associates, are using new computer graphic technologies to develop a three dimensional computer model of Center City.  This model will allow city staff, developers, and the public to see proposed development in a virtual environment.  The effect of a proposed building’s height and mass on the surrounding public spaces will be easier to understand with the new model. 

In addition, the model will help promote downtown.  A “fly-through” video will be made and posted online so that anyone with internet access can get a detailed sense of what downtown Rochester is.  A preliminary version of this can be seen below!  Future videos have the potential to highlight certain aspects of downtown redevelopment such as the Inner Loop, High Falls, the Riverway Trail connections, and historic buildings and districts, to name but a few.    

Regular updates to the model will ensure that it stays current and continues to be a key piece of the Center City Master Plan. 

Experience it!