ROC City Compost Pilot Program - Pre-launch Survey

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Thank you for your interest in participating in the ROC City Compost Pilot Program. Please fill out this survey to confirm your participation and so that you may receive your tool kit at the address you give below. 

1. First Name:  Last Name: 

2. Address:  , City:  , Zip: 

(Please note that it is required for you to have an address located in the City of Rochester)

3. Email: 

 4. What is your preferred drop off location? Note: this question is for planning purposes to estimate the level of participation at each site. You may choose either location even if you indicate a preference. 

5. Do you currently collect food scraps (organics) on your own or through a composting service?

6. If yes, how do you compost?

7. Based on the information provided in the City's composting webpage or flyer, do you feel like  you have a basic understanding of how the City's composting drop-off program works? 

8. Do you expect composting to be: (select all that apply)


 9. Do you plan on participating in the City's Composting Program throughout the pilot (approximately one year) or as long as it is offered?  

10. Will you encourage friends & family (that are also City residents) to participate in the composting drop-off pilot program? 

11. How much did you already know about food waste and composting before participating in the City's composting program?

12. How much effort do you currently make to limit food waste?

13. Do you think the City's composting program will have long-term positive behavioral, health and well-being impacts for the participants and community?

14. Do you have any initial feedback to share?


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