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The City of Rochester is committed to enhancing mobility for residents and visitors as we advance toward a future of sustainable, safe, and equitable transportation. The City partners with Veo, an independent shared mobility company that operates a mixed fleet of shared e-scooters and e-bikes. Devices are distributed throughout neighborhoods in each quadrant of the City. Veo employs a team of local staff who are responsible for distributing and maintaining the fleet and responding to any issues or complaints. 

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How to ride a Veo e-scooter or e-bike

  • Riders (ages 18+ only) can download the free VeoRide app through the App Store or Google Play to locate a nearby e-bike or e-scooter. 
  • Scan the device's QR code using the VeoRide app and pay $1 to unlock the vehicle. Current per-minute rates for rentals are available through the app. 
  • First-time users must complete a user agreement and review rules of the road. Try "Education Mode" to learn to ride at a reduced speed. 
  • After completing a trip, riders may park their vehicle upright and adjacent to a bike rack, in a designated Veo hub identified in the app, or at the curb along the outer edge of a sidewalk or tree lawn. Riders must not block sidewalks, handicap-accessible curb ramps, bike lanes, driveways, or the roadway when parking. Riders are required to submit a photo within the app to confirm proper parking and may be fined if they obstruct the right-of-way. 
  • If another user does not rent the vehicle soon thereafter, local Veo staff will pick it up. All devices are GPS-enabled.  

How to report a Veo scooter or e-bike that is knocked over or improperly parked

If an e-scooter or e-bike is blocking a sidewalk, curb ramp, bike lane, driveway, or the roadway, please report the issue to Veo using the following steps:  

  • Gather identifying information about the vehicle. If possible, snap a photo of its QR code or the frame number at the bottom of the vehicle's stem. 
  • Note the vehicle's location using a street address or the nearest intersection. 
  • Send a brief email to describing the vehicle's location and the problem. Make sure to note you're reporting an issue in Rochester, NY. If possible, attach a photo. 
  • Veo will dispatch a local technician to address the issue. 
  • You can also report an issue by gathering the above information and calling Veo's customer service number at 855-836-2256. 

Safety tips for riders 

  • Be respectful of pedestrians and all other users of City streets. 
  • Prioritize your own safety and wear a helmet throughout your ride. 
  • New or learning riders can activate Education Mode in the app to limit their speed and get used to riding with Veo. 

Membership Options

Low-income users may qualify for Veo Access, a reduced-price monthly membership. Learn more about the Veo Access program:

Users can also sign up for VeoPlus, a monthly membership that waives unlock fees. Learn more through the Veo app. 

To learn about options for riders without phones or bank accounts, please call Veo's customer support line at 855-836-2256. 

For More Information

For questions or issues related to a Veo e-bike or e-scooter or a Veo account, contact Veo directly at 855-836-2256 or

For general questions or information on the City's partnership with Veo, please contact Principal Transportation Specialist David Riley at 585-428-6978 or