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Street and Sidewalk Right-of-Way Permits

Are you doing construction work or placing signs/tables/awnings/etc in public right-of-way?

The right-of-way includes all City streets, street pavement, curbing, sidewalks, the area between the curb and the sidewalk, and in most residential areas it generally includes a zero to four (4) foot width of land between the sidewalk and the home.

A permit is required for all work and activities performed in the right-of-way.

Examples include excavation, driveway and curb modifications, encroachments, obstructions or barricades, sidewalk cafés, new water services and renewals, water abandonments and use of hydrants.

For more details, please reference the City of Rochester Rules and Regulations for Work in the Right-of-Way 

How to apply for a permit 

The City of Rochester offers an on-line Right of Way Permit application.  Click here to apply

Tip: Call or email the Permit Office well in advance of any scheduled work to obtain early guidance.

Complete a permit application and submit plans, drawings, schedule of work, applicable permit fee and, in the case of telecommunications facilities or equipment, a completed registration to:

City of Rochester Permit Office 
City Hall
30 Church St. Room 121-B
Rochester, NY 14614

Download the Right-of-Way Permit Application

Sidewalk Cafés

To obtain a Right-of-Way Sidewalk Café permit, see the application below and guidance information:

Download the Sidewalk Café Temporary Enclosure Permit Application

Download the Safety Guidelines for Outdoor Seating Areas 

Download the Sidewalk Café Rules And Regulations 

Download the Sidewalk Café Acknowledgment Form 


The City supports the deployment and expansion of telecommunications facilities, networks and associated technology in the right-of-way. The City has adopted a telecommunications code, the Telecommunications Code of the City of Rochester (“Code”), Chapter 106. Applicants should familiarize themselves with the Code requirements as well as the Rules and Regulations for Work in the Right-of-Way.

Permit Applicants are required to complete the Registration Application Requirements, as set forth in Code Section 106-5, prior to submitting a right-of-way permit application.

Download the Telecom Facility Registration Application

Download the Telecom Facility Registration Fee Schedule

For additional information, refer to Rules and Regulations for Work in the Right-of-Way Section 9, “Telecommunications.”


Contact the Department of Environmental Services' Permit Office by phone at 585-428-6848, by email or in person. 

The office is open Monday through Friday, between 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. 

Useful Documents & Forms