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Urban Forest Master Plan

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Forestry Division staff members manage the care and maintenance of approximately 67,000 public trees located along City streets and in City parks and cemeteries. This includes tree pest management, pruning, planting, removal, inspection, and responding to public requests.

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The office has completed an update to the Urban Forest Master Plan last updated in 2012. This new edition reviews the unique history of urban forestry in Rochester, highlights the benefits of trees to our community, and assesses the current health and diversity of our urban forest.

Urban Forest Master Plan

Urban Forest Master Plan Executive Summary

Key Topics

 Urban Forest History 

Rochester has a rich history of urban forestry, which is detailed in this updated plan. Our city has long recognized the importance of maintaining and expanding our urban forest.

 Benefits of Trees 

Trees provide numerous benefits, including improving air quality, providing shade, enhancing property values, and supporting local wildlife. They are vital for a healthy, vibrant community.

 Current Health and Diversity 

The plan evaluates the current state of our urban forest, looking at tree health and species diversity. This helps us understand where we are now and how we can improve.

Policy and Initiatives

 Urban Forest Policy 

The updated plan discusses Rochester’s urban forest policy in detail. It outlines our commitment to managing and preserving our trees.

 Addressing Current Issues 

The City is actively addressing important issues like environmental justice and climate change through various forestry initiatives. These efforts aim to ensure that all communities benefit from a healthy urban forest.

Challenges and Recommendations

The plan outlines several challenges we face in preserving and expanding our urban forest. It also provides recommendations to overcome these challenges, based on extensive public engagement and feedback.

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