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Animal Services annual statistics

Animal Services maintains records for a variety of metrics including shelter intakes and outcomes, field services activities, outreach and pet owner support, spay and neuter surgeries, and other performance indicators.

Animal shelter

Asilomar Stats FY2012-13

Asilomar Stats FY2013-14

Asilomar Stats FY 2014-15

Asilomar Stats FY 2015-16

Asilomar Stats FY 2016-17

Asilomar Stats FY2017-18

Asilomar Stats FY2018-19

Asilomar Stats FY2019-20

Asilomar Stats FY2021-22

Field services

 FY16-17 FY17-18  FY18-19FY19-20FY20-21FY21-22    
Calls for Service8,3757,0215,7385,5214,099 
Notices (Info/Warnings)8738227227787481,015
Returns to Home (Field)604313325348355243

Outreach & support

Description     FY 17-18FY 18-19FY 19-20FY 20-21FY 21-22
# Unique Pets8131147148629842861
# Unique Households SupportedN/A72679619551811
# Medications/Vaccinations GivenN/A2442234331193836
# Supplies Given8941052146518141914
# No-Cost Spays/Neuters Funded253924820719567
# Spay/Neuter Vouchers Provided      473135810081426682
# Door-to-Door Knocks982173423100
# Door-to-Door Contacts6866647000
# Tabling/Community Events181670 

Veterinary services

Spay/Neuter CategoryFY 15-16FY 16-17FY 17-18FY 18-19FY 19-20FY 20-21FY 21-22
  • Pre-adoption
  • Low-cost or No-cost*
  • Reclaims
  • Community cats
  • Total Surgeries

* Most no-cost surgeries are not included here because they are performed by partner clinics and subsidized via grants and fundraising