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How you can help

Many pets are found by neighbors within close proximity to the pet's home. Bringing the found pet to the shelter should be the last resort. 

We need community members to assist us in limiting shelter intakes to animals that are truly homeless or suffering and those that represent public safety concerns. 

If you find a pet that appears healthy and friendly, please submit a Found Pet Report, review the tips, and follow the recommendations provided in our Found Pet Resource Packet to expedite the reunion of the pet with its owners. 

Please try to avoid judgments or assumptions that the pet was intentionally abandoned or not cared for by its family. Pets can become dirty and bedraggled quickly.



Rochester Animal Services

Be a part of the solution

Rochester Animal Services

Shelter, Services, and Support

Operation of the animal shelter

The animal shelter temporarily houses and cares for homeless, disowned, and aggressive animals. Such care involves proper feeding and nutrition, cleaning and disease control, exercise, enrichment, and socialization. The shelter is a community resource for locating lost pets and for adopting new family members.    

Field services

Animal Services Officers provide community outreach and support services by connecting with pet owners in Rochester neighborhoods during routine patrols and door-to-door visits. The focus is on sharing information and resources to encourage pet retention and remove barriers in access to resources.  Such efforts are also helping to increase compliance and reduce shelter intakes. 

Support our friends!

The Verona Street Animal Society is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization established to help support the mission and programs of Rochester Animal Services.


The Fast & The Furriest® is an annual fundraiser that features a 10K & 5K race, dog walk, and pet festival! Learn more.