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Spay and Neuter

Spay / Neuter clinic at Animal Services

Animal Services maintains an on-site spay/neuter clinic at the Animal Services Center on Verona Street. The clinic performs spay and neuter surgeries for animals that are available for adoption from the facility as a means of helping to address the challenges of pet overpopulation. Sterilization is also offered to pet owners seeking to reclaim pets. 

If you are a pet owner seeking sterilization services for your pet, please contact a local veterinarian or other agencies about spaying and neutering services. We do offer public spay-neuter services in collaboration with partner clinics. For more information on our spay-neuter programs for owned pets, please email us. 

The Shelter Veterinarian and two veterinary technicians staff the shelter sterilization program along with volunteers who provide support functions. Additionally, the City maintains contracts with local veterinary clinics, individual veterinarians, and veterinary technicians to augment the Shelter Veterinary Unit and to provide spay-neuter surgeries for owned pets and community cats on select weekend days. 

Veterinarians and veterinary technicians interested in joining our team are encouraged to submit qualifications for review and consideration.

Sterilization is required for adoption

The City of Rochester has a sterilization ordinance that requires all cats and dogs adopted from the Animal Services Center be spayed or neutered prior to release. The ordinance intends to address the variety of animal-related concerns presented by intact animals including the following:

  • Uncontrolled breeding results in unwanted litters
  • Shelter overcrowding with lost, abandoned, and unwanted pets and community cats
  • Intact animals are more likely to roam in search of mates
  • Intact animals often display negative behaviors that result in relinquishment to shelters (e.g., spraying, female estrus or "heat" cycle, and certain forms of aggression)