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Changes to Purchasing and Accounts Payable Procedures for City Vendors

In July 2011, the City of Rochester began using new computer systems for purchasing and accounts payable. These new systems will bring efficiencies that will benefit both vendors and the City. However, vendors need to be aware of the following changes to avoid disruption and delays in payment.

Changes to Purchasing Procedures

  • Vendors may choose to receive their purchase orders by fax or email.
  • Changes to address and other vendor information, such as a preference for fax or email purchase orders, should be emailed directly to the Bureau of Purchasing.

Changes to Accounts Payable Procedures

  • City of Rochester Claim Vouchers are no longer required, nor are signatures.
  • Be sure to include the City purchase order or contract numbers on all invoices and packing slips.
  • Please provide a unique invoice number on your invoice that will enable the City to respond to your inquiries about the payment status of specific billings.

Invoices should be sent directly to:

Mailing Address:

City of Rochester
Accounts Payable
P.O. Box 14500
Rochester, NY 14614-0500

Note: Some vendors, such as those with public works contracts and certain professional services agreements, have been instructed to send invoices directly to City departments and should continue to do so. If you are in doubt, please get in touch with your City of Rochester department liaison

Electronic Payment  

Vendors can enjoy the benefit of electronic payment from the City of Rochester though Paymode-X, a free direct deposit service provided by Bank of America (BOA). You do not need to open an account with BOA to use this service. Paymode-X processing provides complete invoice reference information for payments. The BOA will notify the City when you have registered.

To find out more information and to enroll, please go to:

Disbursements to City Vendors

Additional Information 

Additional information may be requested by emailing: