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Report It - The Anonymous Reporting System for Non-Emergency Crime Tips

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Say Something When you See Something

The City has entered into a partnership with Report It Anonymous Reporting System, a free smartphone and internet application that provides users the ability to report non-emergency criminal activity to the City.

The Report It application uses proprietary technology that offers full confidence that their information will be delivered to the City while no identifying data on them or their device will be collected or saved. Users can also establish anonymous accounts to receive messages on their report.

The application is limited to non-emergency crime tips that will be reviewed Monday through Friday during business hours. Crime-tip categories include suspicious person or activity, guns and weapons, theft or burglary, fugitive information and information about a previous crime. Users can also provide photos.

To begin a crime-tip report text ‘Rochester’ to 63975. To download the app, text ‘reportit’ to the 63975.