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Elevator and Conveyance Certification

Did you know that the City requires conveyances operating in the City of Rochester to be certified? 

Building owners or designated contacts, inspectors, and mechanics should send the following items to  

  • Inspection reports and test results (within 7 days of being performed) 
  • Notification if/when a conveyance’s operational status changes 
  • Verification of any work performed on a conveyance, or any repairs made 
  • Any changes to contact information associated with the conveyance 
  • Requests for an extension for conditional certification  
  • Please note: Include the address and conveyance number in any correspondence. 

NEW: You can now pay, view information, and renew through our online system 24/7! 

Access the Conveyance Certification process online

Get the Conveyance Certificate Brochure here   

If you have provided your email address to the City, you can now try logging into the new system. Please attempt to log in using the email address you have provided.    


If you encounter issues or do not see information about the conveyances you own or manage, please complete the online form and allow 5 business days for staff to follow up with you via email.     

Online Conveyance System

If you have not provided your email address, and you own or maintain a building with a conveyance, you must register your email so that staff know which conveyances to link to your account.  

Online Registration

'As of January 1, 2022, New York State issues licenses for the conveyance industry.' Visit the link below and search ‘Elevators’ to find a listing of all business and individual license holders.