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RPD: Rochester Police Department

For years, the Rochester Police Department (RPD) has built a reputation for excellent leadership, innovation, and creativity. This reputation was
 developed, in large part, because of the officers that have become excellent organizational and community leaders. Many of our former leaders who served the Department with distinction have gone on to other positions where their skills have greatly benefited our community. 

To highlight these great leaders, in March 2011, then Chief of Police James Sheppard inspired a program to honor former RPD leaders. The program, called “We Produce Leaders” is where we share the stories of the many outstanding leaders who have come up through the ranks of the RPD. The purpose of the program is two-fold: To inspire current members of the RPD to see how they, too, can grow and develop into a community leaders; and to promote public trust and confidence in the excellence of our officers and the Department. 

Several of these leaders were featured in previous issues of the RPD Newsletter.  Now, all of these biographies have been compiled into one document. This book, We Produce Leaders, includes the stories of some exceptional leaders who have been highlighted since the beginning of the program. We hope this book will highlight the tremendous talent, commitment, and innovative thinking exhibited by those who have worn the RPD uniform. We proudly look forward to sharing each story with the RPD and community.