East Main Arts and Market District Plan

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About the Project

The purpose of the East Main Arts and Market District Plan was to identify multi-modal circulation, access and parking improvements along with recommendations for land use development, streetscape enhancements, and community branding, as well as strategies to promote housing opportunities in the area immediately east of Rochester’s Center City, which is home to both the Neighborhood of the Arts and the Rochester Public Market.

Building upon recently-completed street improvements on University Avenue and Union Street, and the Inner Loop East Transformation, this project will create a plan for improvements to the neighborhood that enhances multi-modal circulation, connects regional destinations, strengthens the commercial presence on Main Street, expands housing opportunities, improves accessibility for residents, businesses, and visitors, and ameliorates parking issues. The plan also consider branding strategies with a goal of giving the neighborhood a recognizable identity for both residents and visitors. Such strategies may build upon existing brands in the Neighborhood of the Arts and/or Public Market Village District or may develop a new brand/identity for the area.

An important sub-task of this project was to examine housing-related issues and opportunities in the Study Area. A comprehensive examination of housing and mixed-use development opportunities in the district is needed. In recent years, there has been notable investment from the private and public sector in this area, especially with respect to new housing development and rehabilitation of homes. The City of Rochester, in collaboration with various stakeholders in the area, intends to pursue a more coordinated and strategic investment approach in these neighborhoods in order to promote consistent objectives and leverage private investment.



Current and Future Conditions Analysis  Nov 2014 to March 2015
First Round of Public Involvement       Feb 2015 to March 2015
Formation of Alternatives  March 2015 to June 2015
Second Round of Public Involvement  June 2015
Draft East Main Arts and Market District Plan    June 2015 to Aug 2015
Final East Main Arts and Market District Plan    Aug 2015 to Oct 2015


Public Participation