Inner Loop East - Documents


Preferred Design Alternative 

Final Design Approval Document

Draft Design Approval Document 

Fiscal Year 2013 TIGER Discretionary Grant


Inner Loop Scoping Study (2011)

Chapters and appendices from the September 2011 scoping study are below. 

Chapter1: Project Scope 
Chapter 2: Project Context 
Chapter 3: Alternatives 
Chapter 4: Social, Economic, &
Environmental Concerns and Considerations
Appendix A:Go-no-go Traffic Assessment   Appendix D: Main Street Alternatives  Appendix G: Endangered Species 
Appendix B: Safety Considerations Appendix E: Minimum Lane Requirements  Appendix H: Probable Cost and Benefit Assessment 
Appendix C: I-490 Ramp Evaluation  Appendix F: Hazardous Waste   
Proposed: after filling in the Inner Loop.

Inner Loop Improvement Study (2001)

Inner Loop North 

For information on plans to redesign the remaining 1.5-mile segment of the Inner Loop Expressway known as Inner Loop North, please visit