Office of Constituent Services

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 Tracey Miller, Assistant to the Mayor 

Director's Message

The Mayor's Office of Constituent Services (OCS) is here for you.

As Mayor Warren's personal representatives to the community, we provide an immediate response to concerns raised by our customers to ensure City services are delivered properly. The OCS  works exclusively on behalf of city residents and community groups to coordinate the missions of Mayor Warren's Administration, the Rochester City Council, other governmental and social agencies and the faith community to ensure that City government is working as efficiently and as effectively as possible for the citizens they serve. OCS provide information on a variety of issues to residents and make referrals to external agencies and community groups as necessary.

Please, feel free to contact the Mayor's Office of Constituent Services to learn how we can be of service to you!


 Mayor Warren launches Faith Action Story Map 

The Faith in Action Story Map an interactive web platform that uses geographic information to tell the story of the City’s evolving collaboration with Rochester’s houses of worship. See the Faith in Action Story Map here>> 

Contact Information

Office of Constituent Services
City Hall Room 308A
30 Church St. Rochester NY, 14614
(585) 428-7045 

Scheduling the Mayor

If you would like to invite the Mayor to an event, please send an email to

OCS Programs

Under the direction of Mayor Warren, OCS staff works also develops community-outreach projects and initiatives designed to enhance the lives of Rochester residents.

  Books and Bears 

Give a bear hug or a quiet moment of reading to our youngest residents by donating new books or stuffed Teddy bears  to the Rochester Police Department. These small gifts will then be offered to small children who experience or witness domestic violence or some other traumatic event. Learn More 

 Clergy on Patrol 

Clergy on Patrol is a partnership between the Rochester Police Department (RPD) and the local clergy. RPD officers walk the neighborhoods with members of the Clergy to help build relationships with members of the local community. The program is not restricted to clergy. Citizens of any faith or philosophy are welcome to volunteer. Learn More 

 Faith in Action - Serving Beyond the Four Walls 

Faith in Action programs provide houses of worship an opportunity to work with City government its private partners to further their missions of service and leadership in the city's most challenged neighborhoods.  Learn more>> 

 Faith in Action Programs  

  •  Faith in Action – Adopt a School: Helping students of the Rochester City School District who are experiencing a disproportionate impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Learn more>> 
  •  Faith in Action - Housing and Neighborhood Development Opportunities: Working with developers to invest in neighborhoods.  Learn more>> 

 J.U.S.T. L.A.W.  

 Just Law is a program to educate middle school students about the U.S. legal system with local judges visiting participating schools. It is a collaborative effort to help middle school students in the Rochester City School District better understand the law and our country’s legal system. 

 The program explores topics including an overview of the U.S. judicial system, the concept of legal literacy, the importance of school attendance, the value of strong writing skills, the significance of the written word in the court system, ways to express concerns, questions, desires and expectations relating to the court system, and career opportunities within the courts.  Learn more>>   

 Lunch with the Mayor 

Mayor Lovely Warren believes it is vital to show our young people that they are important and have a part to play in our community. That’s why she launched  Lunch with the Mayor.

Lunch with the Mayor gives Mayor Warren an opportunity to visit area schools to have lunch with our students and answer questions they may have. Lunch with the Mayor is a special program designed to show students Mayor Warren cares about them and that she believes in them. Learn More>> 

 Story Time with Style 

Mayor Lovely A. Warren and many community partners hope to increase recreational reading by offering children books in a comfortable setting--local beauty salons and barber shops.

Participating salons and barbershops in the city of Rochester are hosting bookshelves filled with children’s books that have been provided by our community partners. The ultimate hope is that boys and girls will continue to associate waiting with reading and chose to do so whenever the opportunity presents itself. Learn More>> 

 Inspiring Beauty: Empowering Young Women: The Mayor’s Red Carpet Affair  

  The Distinguished Gentleman, The Mayor's Appointment: Inspiring Success in Young Men   

 OCS Staff   

 Tracey Miller   Tracey Miller
Assistant to the Mayor Learn more>> 
 Books and Bears
 Clergy on Patrol
 Faith in Action
 Faith in Action Adopt a School
 Faith in Action Development Opportunities
 Inspiring Beauty: Empowering Young Women: The Mayor’s Red Carpet Affair 
 Lunch with the Mayor
 The Distinguished Gentleman, The Mayor's Appointment: Inspiring Success in Young Men   
 Liliana   Liliana Ruiz  Learn More>> 
Northeast and Southwest Neighborhood Liaison
Liaison to the Hispanic Community
(585) 428-6588 
 J.U.S.T. L.A.W. 
 James_Lewis   James Lewis  Learn more>>
Liaison to the LGBTQ community
(585) 428-6745 
 frank   Frank Keophetlasy
Northwest Neighborhood Liaison
International Community Liaison
(585) 428-6749