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Overseen by Bureau of Employment Skills Training, an office within the Department of Recreation and Youth Services, Operation Transformation Rochester (OTR) serves city adults by offering comprehensive programming geared toward education, vocation and employment. These programs work in tandem and are designed to be adaptable to an individual’s skill level, background, and needs. The following is an overview of each program component.

Employment Services

 OTR Employment Readiness:

OTR Employment Readiness assists program participants
with the development of job and life skills through employment training,
educational opportunities, and mentorship. Designed to address each
participant’s individual need, skill level and background, OTR connects job
seekers to area employers, specialized training programs and sustainable
employability. Motivated individuals can utilize resume building, job search
assistance, and community resource referral services to enhance their
employability and access to new employment opportunities.

OTR Mentors Matter:

OTR Mentors Matter pairs Operation Transformation
Rochester program participants with professionals from the community to provide
support and guidance as the Mentees work to achieve short and long term goals.
Each participant is matched with a Mentor based on an assessment of their
interests and skill set to best assist the Mentee with growth in the areas of
employment, education, and personal development. The OTR Mentors Matter Program
hosts monthly OTR Talk sessions which features motivational speakers and
training opportunities to assist both the mentees and mentors with establishing
a relationship and achieving program goals.

OTR provides individualized support services and
resources that empowers participants to overcome challenges and achieve

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