Funding Accountability - 2021 - 2022 PAB Budget Proposal

Why A Properly Funded PAB Matters

After a year in national headlines over the conduct of its police force, Rochester is facing an unprecedented crisis. Our citizens are increasingly losing faith in their public safety system. Our government is facing a wave of police misconduct lawsuits. Most importantly, our community is suffering at the hands of a policing system that is crying out for fundamental change.

Unlike so many other cities facing similar crises, Rochester has a powerful tool for delivering the lasting, community-led public safety reform its citizens are demanding. That tool is the Police Accountability Board. Hailed as a potential national model for reimagining public safety, the PAB is unique among civilian oversight boards thanks to its remarkable powers, degree of community control, and breadth of purpose.

Each year, the City Charter requires the Police Accountability Board to propose a budget that would provide the agency with sufficient funding to perform all its duties and resolve all complaints within 90 days. The PAB is releasing its budget proposal for fiscal year 2021 – 2022. This 85-page proposal represents over six months of research into best practices, budgets, case processing systems, and other features of civilian oversight agencies across the country. Adopting this proposal would fulfill the Charter’s vision while building the PAB into a national model for community-led police oversight.

You can download the full 85-page proposal by clicking HERE. Below is a quick guide to the proposal.  

PAB Budget Guide