City of Rochester Search Result Rss 12:00:00 AM&maxdatecreated=5/28/2030 1:49:52 AM&datesearchfield=Event_Start_Date&categories=119 Mount Hope Cemetery Horticulture Tour: June 8, 2014 FOMH tour City of Rochester 3/20/2014 Central Library - Imagine YOU Ribbon Cutting and Tour: June 9, 2014 June 9, 2014 Come to Central Library's lower link level and tour and experience this new digital learning space especially for teens, complete with cameras, drawing tablets, video and photo editing software and an in-house recording studio. The Central Library is located at 115 South Ave., Rochester, NY 14604. City of Rochester 6/4/2014 City Council Budget Hearings: June 10, 2014 <p>The City Council is responsible for reviewing and approving the City's annual budget as submitted by the Mayor and his administration. In preparation for the vote, the Council holds budget hearings for each City department. </p> City of Rochester 6/3/2014 City Council Special Meeting: June 10, 2014 <p><span>City Council will hold a special meeting to vote on red light cameras and a grant application.</span> </p> City of Rochester 6/6/2014 Early Learning Council Parents&#39; Focus Group <p>A focus group for parents will take place from 6 to 8 p.m., Tuesday, June 10 at the Thomas P. Ryan Community Center, 530 Webster Avenue. This session is open to all city parents of prospective and former pre-K children (3 or 4 years old). </p> <p> </p> City of Rochester 5/29/2014 City Council Budget Public Hearings: June 11, 2014 <p>The formal public hearing on the City and City School District budgets will take place on Wednesday, June 11, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, Room 302-A, City Hall, 30 Church Street. Anyone wishing to speak will have an opportunity to be heard. The hearing will conclude once everyone present has had an opportunity to speak. </p> City of Rochester 5/21/2014 Hochstein at High Falls: June 12, 2014 The Hochstein at High Falls summer concert series will once again fill the city's High Falls District with the sounds of local music! City of Rochester 5/19/2014 Early Learning Council Meeting: June 12, 2014 <p> <span>Mayor Lovely A. Warren convened the Early Learning Council in response to Governor Cuomo’s proposal to expand New York State’s pre-K program. </span> </p> <p> </p> City of Rochester 5/5/2014 Rochester Housing Authority Presentation- June 12, 2014 Rochester Housing Authority Presentation to City Council City of Rochester 6/4/2014 Central Library - Garth Fagan Dance Students - Stop the Violence Dance Alliance: June 12, 2014 <p>June 12, 2014 Enjoy some fantastic dancing, see the Garth Fagan method and philosophy in action and learn more about how 'tweens and teens can develop confidence and leadership skills through dance. <span style=&quot;font-size: 9pt;&quot;>This program will be held in the Kate Gleason Auditorium, 1st floor of Central’s Bausch and Lomb Public Library Building, 115 South Ave., Rochester, NY 14604. </span></p> <p> </p> City of Rochester 5/28/2014