How to submit an application for Site Plan Review

If not already completed, register the project with a member of the Zoning Staff in the Permit Office. The Zoning Staff will issue a denied Certificate of Zoning Compliance indicating a site plan review application is required.

Phone: (585) 428-6637
Address: Zoning Office
30 Church St. Rm. 125B
Rochester, NY 14614

Applications are accepted by appointment only and will not be considered if they are incomplete. Contact the person listed on the first page of the application to submit the completed application with the supporting material. Staff will review the application and determine if it is complete.

An application is complete if: All questions on the application have been fully answered and relevant materials have been attached.

An application is not complete if: One or more questions on the application have not been answered or if additional relevant materials need to be attached. Notice will be provided to the applicant identifying any needed changes.

Once the application is determined complete, the applicant will receive notice from Staff informing the applicant of the date that the project will be introduced to the review committee/the drawings will be distributed for comment.

Site Plan Review requires detailed professional drawings, stamped by a licensed architect, engineer, or other land use professional. Applications must detail both existing and proposed improvements to the site, including elevations of any new buildings or additions, facade materials, parking plans, street accesses, screening and landscaping improvements, and show all changes intended for the site or structures. Photos of the site and surrounding area are requested. Each application form contains a list of what is required for a complete application.

An Environmental Assessment Form (EAF) is required, pursuant to NYS Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) laws, to determine if the project or proposal will have a significant adverse impact upon the physical or cultural environment, and if alternative or mitigating measures must be taken. Applicants must submit an Environmental Assessment Form with their Site Plan Review application. The Environmental Assessment Forms can be found on the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) website, including a workbook and other helpful mapping and interactive features, at