Tents & Structures - Special Events

Tents & Structures at Special Events - 3rd Party Inspection

New - Starting in 2024

Once built at a permitted special event, some structures will require on-site, as-built inspections by a third-party engineer. It is up to the event organizer to coordinate, hire, and cover the costs of these inspections.

Structures requiring inspections by a third-party engineer include:
  • Tents without sides exceeding 700 square feet
  • Tents with sides exceeding 400 square feet
  • Platforms
  • Stages
  • Stage scaffolding or rigging
  • Towers supporting audio or lighting/visual effects equipment
  • Any similar structures not regulated within the scope of the NYS building code
The following documents related to the structures on site must be obtained and forwarded to the Rochester Fire Department (RFD) as part of the special events application review process:
  • A certificate of worker's compensation and liability insurance form
  • Detailed drawings of any of the structures above
  • Detailed floor plans of any of the structures above (egress, seating capacity and arrangement, location of heat and electrical equipment)
  • Certification of flame resistance for the tent membrane, sidewalls, bunting and combustible decorations

A staff person from Fire Safety will reach out to you directly for these. A special event permit will not be issued until all of these documents are received and approved by RFD.

Questions? Contact RFD