Police Accountability Board

 On Election Day, Tuesday, November 5, 2019, the Police Accountability Board Referendum was passed by the citizens of Rochester. With the affirmation of City residents, the Council is taking the next step needed to implement the Police Accountability Board (PAB).


  • View PAB Legislation here>>
  • A one page document detailing the responsibilities and requirements for members of the PAB can be found here>>.
  • View PAB Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) here>>.


The City Council has officially begun the recruitment period to appoint members to the Police Accountability Board. This volunteer board will be comprised of 9 City residents; four appointments will be from the City Council (one from each of the City Council Districts); four appointments will be from recommendations of the Police Accountability Board Alliance, and one appointment will be from the Mayor; all will be confirmed by the Council.

Those interested in serving on the Police Accountability Board should send their résumé and a cover letter detailing their experience and skills, as well as why they wish to serve on this Board to: Office of the City Council – Attention PAB, 30 Church Street, Room 301A, Rochester, NY 14614 or email PAB.Application@cityofrochester.gov

The Council is requesting that those wishing to be considered for the PAB send their information in no later than November 27, 2019. Résumés will be reviewed by the Council for eligibility to serve, and additional information may be requested from candidates selected as the process moves forward.

The Council will also forward résumés and cover letters received to the Mayor and Police Accountability Board Alliance.