RFP - Hemlock Filtration Plant Filter Rehabilitation Project

The City of Rochester (City) plans to undertake a program to evaluate and replace all of its filter underdrains, air scour piping hardware and filter effluent control valves. The project is necessary to prevent the potential catastrophic failure of one or more of the filters at the Hemlock Treatment Facility. The City is seeking proposals from a qualified Consultant to provide design and construction administration services to achieve this goal.

Download the full RFP here: Hemlock Filter Rehab Project RFP  

Download Amendment No. 1 here: RFP Amendment No. 1  |   

Contact David Rowley at David.Rowley@CityofRochester.Gov or Christopher Gifford at Christopher.Gifford@CityofRochester.Gov for access to additional schematics and images here: Hemlock Water Plant Underdrain Upgrade Project

Download Amendment No. 2 here: RFP Amendment No. 2  

Proposal Timeline

RFP ReleaseMarch 22, 2024
Pre-proposal MeetingApril 17, 2024 
Deadline for QuestionsApril 24, 2024 
Response for Questions April 30, 2024 
Proposals Due May 3, 2024 
Consultant Selection and Award Recommendation May 17, 2024 
City Council Approval of Agreement with Consultant August 2024 
Agreement Start Date October 1, 2024 
Preliminary Design Phase October 2024 - May 2025 
Final Design Phase 

June 2025 - September 2025

 Bid & AwardOctober 2025 - January 2026 

The dates shown may be subject to change within the City of Rochester’s sole discretion and upon written notification as set forth herein.

Proposals must be postmarked or received by the City no later than May 3, 2024 at 4 pm. One (1) digital PDF copy and five (5) printed copies of the proposal are to be submitted to David Rowley, PE at David.Rowley@cityofrochester.gov, 7412 Rix Hill Road, Hemlock, NY 14466.