Bridge Maintenance and Repair

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There are nearly 280 bridges that lie within the city's limits. The City of Rochester has primary ownership and maintenance responsibility for 30 of these bridges, and partial maintenance responsibility for an additional eighteen bridges that carry city streets over state highways. The remainder of the bridges are either privately owned, or owned by New York State or the County of Monroe.

While the City owns a relatively small number of bridges, City-owned bridges include some of the largest in the area; twelve of the bridges span the Genesee River. Please see Bridges Maintained by the City of Rochester and State-Owned Streets and Highways:Who Does What?  for additional information.

The City also maintains nine bridges that lie outside the city limits and along the right-of-way of its water supply system. These bridges cross Honeoye Creek and are located approximately 20-25 miles south of the City in the towns of Lima and West Bloomfield.

To report a problem with a bridge

The City of Rochester has a preventative maintenance program for the 30 bridges that it owns. Efforts are made to notify residents in advance of work that may interfere with their use of the bridge. To report a problem that relates to a City-maintained bridge, please call 311 (outside of City limits call (585) 428-5990).

For inquiries relating to bridges maintained by other jurisdictions, the New York State Department of Transportation may be contacted at (585) 753-7720. If the problem is an emergency, please call 911.