Environmental Mission Statement

The City of Rochester will demonstrate through practice and policy our commitment to exemplary environmental stewardship.  The City, while cognizant of fiscal limits, is committed to the implementation of environmental management practices which will provide a healthy and sustainable environment and enhance the quality of life for our citizens.

Our Environmental Values

As citizens and employees of the City of Rochester, we practice environmental leadership and act as environmental stewards.  We are guided by the following principles:

We carefully consider how to best design construction that can be maintained over time without damaging the environment, balancing near-term interests with the protection of future generations. We recognize the interdependence of environmental quality, economic growth and social justice.

We plan for the careful use of natural resources in order to prevent depletion, prevent pollution and to do no harm to the environment. We strive to reduce energy consumption, waste generation, our dependence on fossil fuels and production of greenhouse gases.

We will work to clean up environmentally impacted lands that impede a sustainable environment. We will actively seek funding for and promote restoration of brownfields within the city.

All City of Rochester facilities and operations will meet or exceed standards and regulations for compliance with state and federal environmental regulations.

We will act as community models and educators in environmental stewardship. We will always strive to “do the right thing” in environmental matters.

Continuous Improvement
We will, on a regular basis, review our environmental program, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement changes when necessary.