Playful Sidewalks

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The introduction of play along City sidewalks help support physical, social and emotional health of children, and can help foster healthier communities. Playful sidewalks can also enhance the pedestrian experience and encourage walking which can benefit local economic activity and public safety.

sidewalk art 1The recent installation of the Story Walk playful sidewalks at the Phillis Wheatley Community Library includes various elements of play, games, art, history and learning. This project was a community driven collaboration between community groups, local leaders, residents, the City and the Healthi Kids Coalition.

Visit PlayRocs to learn more about the benefits of playful sidewalks and what you can do to bring playful sidewalks to your community and help Rochester become a playful city. 

For more information on implementing a Playful Sidewalk in your neighborhood, please contact Darin Ramsay at (585) 428-6695 or