Bike Lockers

Park your bike in our garage!Parking at a post-and-ring is FREE!

Parking at a post-and-ring is FREE!

Bike halfway inside bike locker

Bike lockers: A safe and secure home-away-from-home for your bike!


Most downtown City-operated parking garages offer two types of bicycle parking.

  1. Post-and-ring stanchions offer FREE, covered and secure parking inside our parking garage. Bring your own lock! U-locks are recommended.
  2. Bike lockers are fully enclosed and secure parking for your commuter rig—a home-away-from-home for your bike!

Mortimer Street Garage, across from the RTS Transit Center, offers FREE bike lockers. First come, first served. Bring your own padlock—the size for gym lockers or tool sheds.

The bike lockers in our other garages are rented by the season or the year. They have key locks in their doors.

Apr 1 – Nov 30
Dec 1 – Mar 31
Apr 1 – Mar 31
All Year

To rent a bike locker, please download, complete and return our Bike Locker Application Form.

For questions about bike parking in our parking garages,

Please use extra care on your bike at the garage entrances and exits. Drivers don't expect to see us there, and there's little maneuvering room.