Sister Cities Garage

Sister Cities Garage is in the heart of downtown's west side, near Blue Cross Arena, the Civic Center, City Hall, the County Office Building, the Federal Building and much more.

Sister Cities Garage

Total spaces: 1,001
Handicapped spaces: 26
EV charging stations: 4
Bike lockers: 12

Vehicle overhead clearance:
7'-0" (84 inches, 2.13 meters)

City of Rochester Bureau of Parking

28 N. Fitzhugh St. [ Map ]
Rochester, NY 14614

Daily Rates
First hour: $2.00
Each additional hour or fraction: $2.00
Daily Maximum: $10.00

Lost ticket: $20.00

Weekends: FREE, except during special events

Special Events: $7.00

MasterCard & Visa Only pleaseMonthly Parking Rates
Regular Monthly: $115.00
Reserved Space Monthly: $140.00
(There is a one-time, non-refundable activation fee of $15) 

To pay your monthly invoice online:

To start monthly parking at Sister Cities Garage

Email Please include the following information:

  • Your name and contact information including daytime phone
  • The garage you'd like to use

We will then send you an invitation by email. It will include instructions on how to register.

To cancel your parking

Monthly parking is a continuing agreement. You are billed every month until you cancel.

To cancel, please send an email to as early as possible in the month. Please include your garage name and the LAST DAY you expect to park. This gives us time to process your request to avoid inaccurate billing.

If your parking is paid by your employer or through an FSA payroll deduction, please cancel through your employer’s parking liaison.

Call 585-428-6925