RFP - Term RPR Services for Parks Projects

The City of Rochester Architecture and Engineering Bureau is requesting proposals from engineering firms with interest in providing Term Resident Project Representation (RPR) services on various City Park construction projects.

Services would involve providing a NICET III or IV level or equivalent resident engineer and NICET II or III level inspector during project construction. Most services would be on a part time, as needed basis. The resident engineer and/or inspector would work under the supervision of a City project manager and perform technical duties associated with the project. These duties would include observation of: asphalt paving; concrete placement; backfill and utility operations; recreation facility construction; installation of park play equipment; preparation of daily construction and quantity reports; and coordination between the contractor and the City project manager.

The professional services agreement that would be used for services performed under this request can be found on the City website at: Draft Professional Services Agreement for Term RPR Services for Parks Projects.

Agreement Duration:

Agreement duration would be for a term of 2 years.

Project Description:

The project(s) are normally designed by the Department of Environmental Services, Bureau of Architecture and Engineering. Projects include but are not limited to maintenance work at various park facilities; installation of new park play equipment; grading; and concrete, asphalt, and landscaping construction at various parks.

Proposal Submission:

Project plans are available for review at the City DES Construction Division office per the contact information indicated below.

Proposals are due 5:00 P.M., Friday, January 12, 2018.

Submission should include 1 paper copy of the proposal and a digital copy (PDF) of the proposal.

Paper copy of the Proposal and any questions should be directed to:

Tom Hack, P.E.
Senior Structural Engineer
Department of Environmental Services
Architecture and Engineering Bureau
City Hall Room 300B
30 Church Street
Rochester, NY 14614-1290
Phone: 585.428.6704

Questions may also be directed to:

Marcus Cox
Project Manager
Department of Environmental Services
Architecture and Engineering Bureau
Phone: 585.428.8253

Digital copy (PDF) of the Proposal should be emailed (Do not send a disk).